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Thai Thai Massage

About Thai Massage:


Unlike Western massage styles, the Thai version focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. Treatment often begins with the feet and gradually moves upwards towards the head. The body is gently arranged into four positions (face-down, face-up, side, and sitting position), which enables the masseur to perform a variety of exercises that would be otherwise unworkable.


Rhythmic compressions, rolling of limbs, and gentle rocking are Thai massage methods employed in order to relax and realign energies in the body. Varying amounts of pressure are applied to energy lines (or 'Sen') along the body in accordance with the Ayurvedic principles of balancing one's energy.


Elbows, feet, knees, and forearms are used to execute certain strokes and manipulations, making the experience quite physical for both parties.


Here at Thai Thai Massage we do all the traditional massages and have many years experience with the human body and how it works, some of the alternative massages we do include the Thai Aromatherapy 4 hand massage, Sport massage, Indian Head massage and Back & Shoulder massage.


We have many happy returning customers who also recommend Thai Thai Massage to their friends and families, Our aim is to give you the best massage available and for your experience to be unforgettable and for you to feel like new and to feel invigorated.